Hello, pretty face…

Need a quick, functional and friendly to use way of capturing information…whilst looking pretty?

…well, we actually mean the GUI or the Graphical User Interface sweet-heart. We’re talking about how pretty forms can be!

Meet your maker…

My name is Mario and I’ve been practicing IT hosted services, Managed Security as well as Telecoms and Data (IT is a very broad subject to some) since the late 90’s.

From 2015 to the present year, I’ve been providing IT Support for the top 50 Managed Service Providers in the UK. This rapidly lead to a HUGE surge in responsibility and awareness in terms of customer and end user support for when they needed it the most. It wasn’t good enough just simply being a ‘phone call away’ I also had to use my initiative and find out what really would make my end-users (that’s you) easily get their tasks done and sometimes, not even I had the answers.

With an accrued sense for technology and topologies used today, still the answer wasn’t always obvious which tool or methods would best help to ensure efficient and effective data processing and organisational qualities. Research became a skill I quickly honed in on and got to know well.

With 123Forms, the goal is simple. We remove the ‘build-it-your-self’ model approach on almost any other form-building platform, and replace it with an actively involved method with us creating the perfect data capture sequence, whether you’re in the office or out in the field – with a simple and straight forward combination of flow and field data, that is important to you and the end goal.

Let us Design, so you can Create Documents Faster.

Everything You Need

  • 35+ basic fields.
  • Unlimited Submissions.
  • Unlimited PDFs.
  • Editable form entries after submission.
  • 14-day money back guarantee–no questions asked.

All of the above AND more can be customised and tweaked to ensure suitability for your needs: